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Try It!
Music promotes the development of intellectual, emotional, and motor skill development far better than any other organized activity.  This has been proven by numerous studies.
The most difficult question is quite often not whether to pursue music, but what area of music is best suited for my child to pursue.

Our "Try It!" class permits a child to experience the music produced by voice, percussion, bowed stringed instruments (violin), plucked stringed instruments (guitar, ukulele),  wind instruments (recorder), and piano in a planned succession to acquaint them with the sounds and techniques of each instrument family.  They will also learn basic rhythm and note reading so that no matter what instrument they choose, they will already have learned the fundamentals of music that are common to all forms of music.

Class Session
Session Day/Time
September thru December 2015
Tuesday 11:00-11:30am
ages 6+
January thru May 2016
Tuesday 11:00-11:30am ages 6+
choose a semester

All young children will learn something; why not the joy of music?
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