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At The Music Academies we provide an opportunity experience the thrill of playing stringed instruments - violin, viola, and cello - as an individual and as part of various small instrumental groups - even play side-by-side with the Niles Area Community Orchestra!

 We are also the ONLY music school in the  world to offer lessons on the ChinCello (an instrument that produces the sound of a cello but is played on the shoulder like a violin).

 Our programs range from the Kid Strings program (unique to The Music Academies) that begins at age 2 1/2, through the Music Forever Orchestra for those who did not learn to play in school and always wanted to.  For the more skilled player who wants to play again in a group with more advanced literature,  our 3rd Street Players is a rewarding way to renew performing skills and meet new friends with a similar interest.  We also provide individual private instruction for all ages - including players preparing for contests, performances, and auditions.

We have access to high quality instruments at prices that are very affordable to any serious student, as well a rental program for violins, violas, and cellos that is the best value (and lowest cost) in the USA.

We believe that you are never too old to enjoy this opportunity (several of our students started lessons in their 70's).  Treat yourself to a lifetime of fun and fulfillment.
                 Call (269)-362-5780 or email for details.